From finding the perfect engagement ring to actually popping the question, proposing to the one you love can be tough. At DeScenza Diamonds, we believe it doesn't have to be! We are sharing everything we have learned in 103 years of helping Massachusetts say "I do" in our #broblog series to help you put a ring on it without ever breaking a sweat. 


Choosing how and when to propose is one of the most impactful decisions you’ll make as you prepare to pop the question. A proposal that incorporates a large group of people, or one that takes place at a special event, might take more planning and preparation than simply getting down on one knee with just the two of you. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being in front of a crowd or want to give your future wife a special moment she will never forget, a public proposal might be right for you.


Here's how to plan a perfect public proposal: 


Consider Your Fiancée’s Personality (and Yours)

If your fiancée embarrasses easily or hates being the center of attention, a surprise public proposal may not be right. Similarly, if you get nervous in front of a crowd, you may not want to put yourself in that position when asking the most important question of your life. But if you and your partner both enjoy the limelight and have no problem with strangers wishing you well on this important moment, a public proposal might be the right approach. Take some time to consider what would make both of you happiest, and what story you want to tell your children and grandchildren in years to come.  


Plan for Success  

While you may be eager to pop the question, a larger-scale proposal that impresses your fiancée-to-be can take a while to plan properly. Some of the public proposals that are most popular take some time and planning, like:


  • - Proposing at a sporting event, like a basketball or football game
  • - Gathering a crowd to do a special dance or cheer
  • - Using a special event, like a concert or play, as a backdrop to propose
  • - Creating a scavenger hunt that ends at a special place


It can take several months to orchestrate one of these scenarios, so start planning well ahead of time. Some public proposals require written permission or help from event organizers, like being featured on a jumbotron during a game. Remember that as much as you may want to keep this plan secret, you are likely to need help from friends or family if you want to keep the proposal a surprise. With help from several people, a public proposal can go off without a hitch.


Have a Backup Plan

It only takes one unexpected change to throw your plan off. Or you may not feel that the time is right after all and choose not to propose in public. In this case, have a backup plan for a quiet, intimate way you can propose so you will be ready for anything. For example, plan to walk home from the special event along a scenic route, so you can propose at any point you feel ready. If you are already engaged, this walk will be a great time to talk about your excitement and wedding plans.


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