From finding the perfect engagement ring to actually popping the question, proposing to the one you love can be tough. At DeScenza Diamonds, we believe it doesn't have to be! We are sharing everything we have learned in 103 years of helping Massachusetts say "I do" in our #broblog series to help you put a ring on it without ever breaking a sweat.

With the craziness of the summer months over and the hustle and bustle of the holidays still in the future, fall is an ideal time to propose. The changing leaves make a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor proposal, and the chill in the air makes it perfect for snuggling on a picnic blanket or park bench. But there are unique challenges that can arise when you try to propose in the splendor of nature just as the temperature is growing colder, and you may have to roll with the punches as the weather changes. As you plan your fall proposal, keep these tips in mind to ensure the process is seamless from beginning to end.


Consider the Conditions

Outdoor locations may be romantic looking as the weather gets cooler, but standing outside in the falling snow or dropping temperatures is decidedly less so. If your proposal does include a portion of time where you will be outside, bring a blanket, hat or gloves to keep both of you warm. You may have a romantic vision of proposing at sunset but going during the day when the sun can help you stay warm can make the whole experience much more pleasant.


Cater to Your Fiancée’s Preferences

You might think hiking to a scenic outlook is a great way to spend the day, but if your fiancée doesn’t share your passions and has never been hiking before, it might not be an ideal way to propose. Consider her hobbies and interests as you plan a proposal. Just because you’re both looking forward to a football game doesn’t mean it is the right venue to pop the question. Try to center your proposal around memories you’ve made together or places you’ve enjoyed sharing with each other.


Have a Backup Plan for Inclement Weather

Planning to propose on the top of a mountain or while walking along the water is romantic, but it can easily be ruined by Mother Nature. If it’s snowing or raining out, it might be hard to get to the exact place you have in mind. Checking the weather report can help you choose a day, but if the forecast is inaccurate, you may have to go with a secondary location. Have a backup location nearby in mind so your plan isn’t totally ruined by the weather. If you do get caught in inclement weather, don’t be afraid to throw the rest of your plan out the window and go with it. Kissing in the rain can be a romantic end to your proposal— if you aren't too upset that your plans got thrown off track.


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