Anna Beck


While many major designers produce jewelry in high volumes, it often comes with a sacrifice in detail. Molds have replaced human touch and machines are used instead of a keen eye.

At Anna Beck, traditional Balinese jewelry techniques are used by immensely skilled artisans who create each piece by hand—so no two pieces are alike. In respect to customs, each piece is blessed with an offering before it is transported to our team in Los Angeles.

Anna Beck began out of love for a country that is rooted in tradition and gratitude—and our pieces will always reflect the spirit of Indonesian culture.


The making and giving of traditional daily Bali offerings is a selfless act. It’s a gift of gratitude for all that the Balinese feel they have been given and a belief that what you put out, is what you get back.

Each offering consists of a handmade banana leaf basket filled with bright colored flowers and little gifts, from food to fruit and water. The colors of the flowers including red, yellow, blue, green or white are not chosen at random, each has a different meaning and is placed in a specific direction on the leaf basket.

Once finished, they place the offerings both higher up and lower on the ground in their factory temples and shrines in order to create balance and harmony in the world.

The beautiful people of Bali that participate in these daily offerings, are devoting the same intentions into each handcrafted Anna Beck piece. We truly believe this loving and positive environment affects the way the jewelry is made and your experience in wearing the jewelry.

We have a deep connection to the tradition of offerings. Giving thanks and being of service is a part of all that we do, from collaborations to product development and our community events. Each piece is designed as our offering.


Being of service is the path to mutual happiness.

We believe in the importance of contributions to communities as a professional cornerstone and use this to inform our decisions in all aspects. As purveyors of exploration, we often encounter those along our journey who are fighting tooth and nail to create a more just world. It is our commitment to help these people in any way we can.

Wearing our jewelry is a form of self expression and support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help others.

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